Planning and Zoning Information

Carlin Master Plan
The Carlin Master Plan was last updated in 2013 and was contracted out to CTA Architects. The Master Plan includes the Vision and the Mission Statement of the City of Carlin, along with Goals, Objectives, and Actions that are located in Part II. It is available to view in the link below. 
Click here to view the Carlin Master Plan.

Carlin Zoning Maps
The Carlin Zoning Maps are updated periodically. Zoning regulations correlate with Title 3 of the Carlin City Code to designate what is allowed in each zone. The links below reflect the maps that were updated in February of 2021. For more up  to date information, please call 775-754-6354.
Carlin Boundary Zoning Map February 2021
Carlin Main Address Zoning Map February 2021